Pansea in the Press

Mr. James B. Sherwood, Chairman, Orient-Express Hotels

The Pansea properties were "developed with remarkable style by the company's owners, Stanislas Rollin and Robert Molinari, and were the market leaders in each location."

Le Figaro Magazine (Pansea Yangon)

Rare are the places that have the innate power to inspire happiness. In the very heart of the Burmese capital, the Pansea Yangon belongs to this limited category of hotels, which themselves alone justify the journey. This ancient colonial residence from the dawn of the century distils a perfume of luxury, tranquillity and serenity. In the country of Golden Buddhas, the Pansea Yangon is the antechamber of happiness.

Conde Nast Traveller (Pansea Luang Prabang)

Hands down the most luxurious lodging in Luang's bliss to return to the quiet comfort of Pansea.

The Sunday Times (Pansea Jimbaran Bali)

Chic at half the price...

Architectural Digest (Pansea Yangon)

One of the more enchanting small hotels in Southeast Asia: the Pansea Yangon. The pairing of luxury with restraint is everywhere apparent - from the landscaping and design details to the choice of building materials and furnishings - and the overall effect is at once stately and homey.

Chancen (Pansea Angkor)

Like all properties in the Pansea network, the Pansea Angkor also unites tranquillity, comfort and service with indigenous skills. Its architecture, construction materials and decoration reflect the local surroundings, whilst having the highest respect for environmental standards.

Le Figaro (Pansea Bali)

One of the best restaurants in Bali

L'art de Voyager (Pansea Bali)

The Pansea Bali, with its feet in the water and a typically Balinese design, has 41 cottages in the traditional architectural style of Bali, hidden in tropical vegetation and by lotus ponds, for a dreamlike stay. The menu is divinely concocted with imagination to marry Balinese and Western flavours. One of the only places on the island where the beach is extraordinary.

Les Echos

More than a hotel, Pansea is a with charm, always on exceptional sites, with a luxurious decoration that one had imagined gone forever.