Pansea Vinales Cuba Hotel

The tobacco valley of Viñalés

Just over 100 kilometres from Havana lies the fertile tobacco farming valley of Viñalés. Here, set atop a hill,  the Pansea Viñalés will enjoy views out over the surrounding region from the property that is designed to reflect the architecture and traditions of the local planters' villages. The area is steeped in history and is a UNESCO World Heritage site, so the design of the property is epitomized by a respect for the environment, for history and for indigenous traditions.

The site which covers an area of approximately 2 hectares is part of the famous tobacco valley, very characteristic of the region, with its stone concretions, and is of worldwide renown.

The hotel will welcome guests with its sixty villa suites, its bar and restaurant - featuring both Cuban and international cuisine and drinks -and a  large swimming pool placed to take maximum advantage of the panoramic valley views.

Pansea Vinales hotel layout

On the Castro Trail

Pansea Vinales Cuba

The Viñales valley is located in Pinar del Río province of Cuba. Rumour has it that the area was Fidel Castro's most favoured region in the country, with its imposing mountains and fertile lands that, thanks to their soil and the unique local microclimate, grow the world's most iconic tobacco.