Authentic and Stylish Hotels: Reborn

The Pansea Mantra

Pansea Hotels & Resorts have designed, developed and operated a portfolio of boutique hotels and resorts across Asia, renowned for their sense of place, architectural style and service - and for a focus on exceptional cuisine. They aim to exude an aura of understated luxury and authenticity in accommodation with deliberately limited room inventories, as Pansea feels that a hotel needs to be small to retain  charm, friendliness and character.  We are now developing uniquely designed hotels in Cuba.

Pansea is a unique and proven concept: it relies upon the development of small properties upon exceptional sites, where the hotel roots itself in the local culture, architecture and design,  yet offers a canopy of superior level, international-standard service within this local charm and ambiance. Pansea hotels reflect and protect their environments.

Pansea hotels tempt their guests with the aura of exoticism and authenticity which they seek in their travels, yet also guarantee these guests the superior levels of comfort, cleanliness and service which they expect. The Pansea network allows the client to escape from the stereotyped international hotel room and its bland, constricting homogeneity, into the authentic and seductive world of vibrant foreign cultures.

Pansea hotels and resorts in Cuba

Pansea’s goal in Cuba  is to allow visitors to discover and experience the impressive range of the country in all its aspects - its architecture, history, nature, culture and soul, and the remains of American influence. This diversity and uniqueness have been ignored by the existing hotel infrastructure to date, the latter being predominantly dedicated to mass tourism.

From the heart of Havana to the exclusive natural sites of Viñalés - the famous Tobacco Valley - and Trinidad - the oldest historical settlement of the discoverers of Hispañola, Pansea’s guests will experience the soul of Cuba.

The construction of the Pansea Trinidad has now commenced, and is set to open in the first quarter of 2014. It will be followed by the remaining hotel projects across the island.